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Fun Cup - Hillspeed Racing

Fun Cup

These are race-designed cars using a unique and extremely strong space frame chassis, with a Beetle silhouette GRP bodywork. The suspension is a combination of special race and some production-modified units, with Bilstein dampers and powerful brakes.

The cars are powered by ultra-reliable, mid-mounted VW/Audi petrol engines, which are 1800cc and 130 bhp. There is one class and a podium presentation for the top three teams.

The engine is matched to a Sadev 5-Speed sequential gearbox with flat shift and the option of an auto throttle blipper. They are ultra tough and will withstand a huge amount of racing.

Also, what may look like a serious accident to one corner of the car, can usually be quickly and inexpensively repaired, with only extrenal items like the suspension arms being bent and not the chassis. That's important to keep down the costs and get you back on the track quickly. 

The Fun Cup Championship also has a number of twin-seater Fun Cup cars. Passengers can experience the thrill of being driven round a circuit first-hand, by experienced Fun Cup racers, at track days all over the UK. Added to this, in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Ireland, passengers can experience the adrenaline rush of being taken round the track during an actual race.

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